"Shenandoah" Civil War epic shoots in Winchester, VA

This past weekend market the shoot of the Shenandoah valley's largest filmed civil war reenactment, helmed by the team at Monolopolus Productions. The production captured a series of pivotal moments and characters from some of the civil war's most pertinent battles, and introduced audiences to a new view on our nation's deadliest conflict. 

The shoot was a collaboration between Guy William Gane III's Old Timey Casting and Monolopolus Productions Atlanta-based production team. The production was directed by Ryan Monolopolus with Josh Saideman serving as director oh photography. The shoot entailed several live firing cannons, a full live cavalry team, dozens of historically fitted soldiers with blank firing weapons and a stunt team helmed by Jae Greene, the 2nd unit director. 

For more information on the project check back with us, with a trailer expected next week.