64/8 Premieres in Atlanta, GA

The TV pilot 64/8 premiered in Atlanta, GA on May 5th to a sold out crowd in the city's historic plaza theater. Energy was high and reviews were overwhelmingly positive for the inaugural screening of Atlanta's newest comedy series created by Ryan Monolopolus and Edward Reid. 

The series chronicles the lives of "extras", or background actors, trying to make it big in the Georgia entertainment industry. The 25 minute pilot was filled with plenty of memorable characters, big laughs and a reflection of life in show business. 

"We were so happy to share this with the Atlanta community and to tell an important story - which is that the lives of extras matter too," commented co-creator Edward Reid after taking a bow on stage, "when we came up with the idea we never imagined things would take off the way they did... but the entire community rallied around us and believed in the project. We can't wait to take it to the next level."

"We shot it here, we screened it here, and now we are pushing to shoot a full season here," stated co-creator Ryan Monolopolus, "and people laughed like hell. What else do you need?"

The production brought together an array of companies from the Atlanta region. It is produced by Monolopolus Productions in association with Vaslov Entertainment. Other companies involved include All About Props, IDA Media Group, MAUVE Films, Cinder Lighting and Grip, the Blank Stage, Siete Music and More. 

"This was a real coming together for the Atlanta community to show the quality of work we can produce. We are incredibly grateful for our fantastic team and all those who helped us bring this to life" finished Monolopolus. 

To find out more information on the TV series and all those involved visit their website at www.64over8.com